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Road Marking Glass Beads :

Retroreflexion will be obtained by glass beads which protrude from the road marking and depends on different conditions for example:

degree of embedding / size


Thanks to the glass beads embedded in the marking material a vehicle's headlight beam is returned to the driver's eye, which results in a "light-up" effect of the striping. This is decisive plus for road safety.
Road markings are among the most efficient and most economical means to safely guide traffic. The contrast between the pavement and the pigmentation of the marking material provides clear visibility of stripings under daylight conditions.
  Road Marking Glass Beads
Road Marking Glass Beads

Only when integrating glass beads of good optical quality - as supplied by INDO GLASS BEADS - road markings become a clearly visible safety factor at night.

There are two Grades: IGB-I and IGB-II

IGB-I, used to be mixed with the paint prior to stripping the road. As the paint layers wear, the beads are exposed giving the enhanced visibility of road markings.

IGB -II, used to be dropped on the freshly stripped paint surface on the road to give immediate enhanced visibility to night drivers.

Chemical & Physical Properties

  Basic material
  SiO2 69-71%
  Specify gravity g/cm3
  Hardness (Moh's)
  Refractive Index
  Sieve Size um
  Retained by %

  IGB-I (Intermix)

  IGB-II (Drop On)
Other sizes can be available according to your requirements.


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